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The latest issue of No Greater Joy Magazine is now available online. This issue is packed with valuable information from how to make a child's special chair, herbal nutrition and articles on how to knit the heart of your little one to your own.

Here's a quote from the article CHEERFUL, AUTHORITATIVE, CONSISTENT by Michael Pearl
Being a good child trainer and parent is not beyond the reach of any Christian parent. If you feel incompetent to bring your children up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord, that is no indication that you are going to fail. There are three qualities parents must possess in order to produce well trained and disciplined young adults: cheerfulness, authoritative command, and consistency.

Of these three, the greatest of these is cheerfulness. It is the first and most important quality a child trainer must possess.

To view the entire issue online, follow this link:
No Greater Joy January/February 2010

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