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LISTEN TO MY DREAM is a 39-page children’s book written by Debi Pearl as a tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The book is written in poetic verse and colorfully illustrated by Debi and her husband Michael Pearl. It is a wonderful book for reading aloud to young ones. The last few pages of this soft back book include a summary of the Civil Rights movement in the United States and the crucial role Dr. King played in leading that movement.

Debi Pearl grew up in the Memphis, TN area during the 60’s. She saw firsthand how Jim Crow laws forced people to conduct themselves differently based upon a person’s color. She heard the speeches, the arguments, saw the turmoil and experienced the upheaval when Dr. King was assassinated in Memphis. She lived to see the ‘Whites Only’ signs removed. Debi knew what it was like before Dr. King.

She tried to explain all that she had seen to her children and field their many questions. They had never known what it was like to be forbidden to extend a kindness because someone was a different color. They had never known what it was to see hatred based upon color. The local library had only one children’s book on this historic figure. So Debi wrote LISTEN TO MY DREAM over 20 years ago to fill this gap in her children’s education. An unsuccessful attempt at publishing left the little volume in a forgotten corner of her office until this past year when it was re-discovered by another child that had never heard the stories. Debi determined that this time she would publish the book so that other children would learn about the world she had known, the history she had witnessed, and the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

But Dr. King was more than just a social figure. He was a man, a husband, a father and a preacher. Debi’s husband Michael is also a preacher. I asked her, “How will you respond to people who say that Dr. King preached against some of the things you believe? How do you honor someone that preached and wrote against some things that your husband teaches are fundamental truth?”

Debi’s simple response was, ‘My issue is that things changed because he spoke out. This man wasn’t perfect. He was used by God to change history. He made a difference. Children need to know what a difference one man can make.’

It’s a good reminder for all of us, I think . . . . not just the children.

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