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Men that call others to arise and be accounted for something more than self are rare. These men dispense hope and call on their fellows to pursue a nobler purpose. They serve as an inspiration and encourage others to dream of more.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. lived his life in this way. His life is in contrast with others that loved fame and sought to be well-known. It was not enough that the laws of the land be changed; He pressed for individuals to have their hearts turned to do right. He prodded people to pursue excellence.

Not surprisingly, Dr. King’s life has served as inspiration for a tribute written by a grandmother from Tennessee entitled, LISTEN TO MY DREAM.

This work is Debi Pearl’s first children’s book. Debi’s husband, Michael Pearl, provided the colorful illustrations for this volume that calls to a new generation of readers to remember the message of Dr. King. The book was made possible with the cooperation of the Heirs of the Estate of Martin Luther King, Jr. and is scheduled to be available for sale starting December 15, 2009. Watch for your chance to reserve a copy of LISTEN TO MY DREAM by Debi Pearl.
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