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If you're taking a car trip this summer, here's something to keep the kids busy during those long stretches of road. Why not get a coloring book set of the Good and Evil comic book? The entire 4-book set is being offered at half-price! While supplies last you'll want to get more than one set as gifts for the little ones . . . And the BIG ones too!
Plenty of grownups like to color!:winknudge:

While they're coloring, why not listen to something that is both educational and entertaining? The ABC Bible verse songs CD is will make you smile, clap and sing along. Twenty-six Bible verses are set to music in such a way that the kids won't realize they're learning because they'll be having so much fun! Listen as Rebekah Anast sings with her children and husband Gabriel Anast the songs that her mother, Debi Pearl, taught her as a little girl.
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