Good & Evil Comic Book

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How would you communicate the story of the gospel to people who had never read the Bible and had no interest in doing so? Storytelling is a powerful teaching tool that many missionaries employ. Using simple illustrations, they tell the story of God and man in a systematic, chronological way that places the message in its proper context. But this method only works if you have a missionary to accompany the illustrations.

For Michael Pearl the need for an illustrated book that could both tell and illustrate this story came into sharp focus when his daughter Rebekah was on the mission field in Papua New Guinea. There was not a complete, well-done, inexpensive illustrated Bible story book available. Together with his wife, Debi Pearl, they prayed for a way to make the dream a reality. It was during this time that they met Danny Bulanadi, a retired Marvel Comics artist. Together they worked for nine years to produce what is now known as the book Good and Evil.

Good and Evil is a bold missionary. It can squeeze its way into closed countries where missionaries are not allowed. Its fantastic art, done in the tradition of Marvel Comics by one of their best artists, will make it popular where other gospel literature would be rejected or destroyed. You can walk up to a Muslim or Buddhist street vendor and give him a box of these books and he will sell them, not caring that they advocate Christianity. After all, profit first. These little missionary books will keep telling the message over and over again as they lie around waiting for someone else to pick them up. In many cases a single copy will be read by as many as 100 people. That would be just one cent per person to communicate the message of Christ.

It is our mission to send these little paper missionaries forth into every little nook and cranny on the globe, that every man, woman, and child may hear the good news of Jesus Christ. To that end, it is our vision to translate Good & Evil into 100 languages in one year. This is no easy task, but neither is it an unreachable goal.

What began as a dream to offer the good news in many languages has grown again. Now No Greater Joy Ministries is in the process of creating a film version of the book Good and Evil. Professional filmmakers and studios are now being employed to bring this work of art to film. In this way, the translation of the story would only require the spoken voice tracks to be changed while the visual illustrations remain the same.

If you haven't already gotten your copy, Good and Evil will be a treasured addition to your library. These books are on heavy stock paper, with full color illustrations and carefully referenced so that readers can read the stories for themselves as they appear in Scripture. Your purchase helps further the printing, translation and filming projects that are now underway. Get your copy today.

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