Debi Pearl's YELL AND TELL Teaches Child Safety with Fun

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Debi Pearl's latest children's book, YELL AND TELL, is written in delightful rhyme. It presents the topic of child abuse in a straightforward manner on a child’s level. Abusers are shown as persuasive, not always a stranger, and not always an adult. Instead of identifying a certain category of person, children are taught to identify bad behaviors and YELL AND TELL immediately.

Samuel is a little boy and the book's main character. Samuel has several short discussions with his mom. They discuss several scenarios and how Samuel must always yell and tell when anyone tries to lure him to touch or expose private areas.

The fun and colorful images follow Samuel, his mom, his dog and cat throughout his active day. The pictures are not graphic, anatomical, or menacing. Rather, it’s presented as if Samuel is a super-hero kid; standing up for that which is right and alerting others if he encounters dangerous individuals.

I liked the way Samuel’s mother asks him to come to her if he encounters inappropriate pictures or the temptation to hide and engage in unacceptable behaviors. Evil and temptation are presented as part of reality, and Samuel is taught from that perspective by a loving mother equipping her son to handle that reality. He's praised and commended when he resists the temptation to do wrong and get away with it.

Parents will also find YELL AND TELL a useful encouragement. With a likable main character, fun rhymes and engaging pictures, it'll soon become a favorite read-again/read-aloud book. The text provides you with numerous opportunities for conversations about how to be aware of dangers and address evil. Additionally, there is a section at the end of the volume that provides useful tips parents are able to use to help protect their children.

If you have been searching for a book which enables you to you teach child safety in a fun way and gives you a heads-up on how these criminals operate, YELL AND TELL is well worth the investment!

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