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In the most recent issue of No Greater Joy Magazine, Michael Pearl re-visits some of his childhood memories. He tells the story of his boyhood snake collection:

I never had any affection for snakes, but to catch one and hold its cool, dry, wiggling, body in your hands, and then to turn it loose to slither away to its shadowy existence was a mastery of self more than of the serpent. ~ Boys, Snakes and Men

The article then goes on to give an example of how he built on that childhood adventure to make a VERY memorable experience for some boys visiting his home.

Reading Mike's article can be an encouragement if you are looking for some ideas on how to do this for your little ones. Another helpful resource is the No Greater Joy 2010 Calendar. These cost less than $3 each AND there is NO SHIPPING fee for orders in the US & APO!

Each month includes
simple and fun-to-do crafts for you and your children to enjoy completing. Have FUN together all year long!

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