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As of July 2009 Michael Pearl was ranked 4th in the expert division by the International Knife Throwing Hall of Fame. Son, Gabe Pearl, was ranked 8th in the intermediate division.

That changed October 6th, 2009 at the competition held at the Alamo in Texas. Mike achieved his highest score ever and placed second overall in the competition. According to Mike "The only reason I got second was because the first place thrower was better."

If you're interested in learning from the best of the best, Knife and Tomahawk Throwing for Fun with Michael Pearl is just the instructional DVD for you. Mike goes over the steps of knife throwing and breaks them down in a way the beginner can understand and the professional can appreciate.

Michael takes the time to go in depth with Tomahawk throwing instruction. Learn how the length of the handle makes a big difference in your throwing and why a tomahawk head has to be unattached to the handle as well as many other tips. See what a knife throwing lesson really looks like when instructing on a variety of levels. See even young boys throw some knives…and start sticking knives into the target right away. . . . and watch their faces light up with a sense of accomplishment.

Just for fun see Mike perform some stunts and tricks from behind the back and between his legs. . . . and a few other tricks no one should try at home (but they’re fun to watch).

With the holidays just around the corner, this is the perfect way to give a gift that will capture the imagination and lead to hours of fun. Click on the image to order yours today.
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