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If you don't already have a copy, you'll want to purchase the book GOOD & EVIL from No Greater Joy Ministries.

Now, there is an opportunity for you and your family to be part of the next phase of developing this ministry tool. In order to increase the impact of this comic, the current artwork is being used to develop a full-length feature film using anime.

Anime is a type of limited animation that relies heavily upon still artwork. Stylistic camera work and the use of color suggest movement and hold the audience's attention throughout the story. Background scenes can be changed in such a way as to achieve three-dimensional views.

Placing this high definition film onto digital video discs (DVDs) will decrease printing and shipping costs to incurred by No Greater Joy Ministries. The same film can be then be used again and again for different languages. Each new translation will utilize different voices in that language. In this way, the reach and impact of the Good & Evil project will be increased many times.

This undertaking is massive and will require funding. No Greater Joy Ministries allows designated donations so that every penny so directed is used only for the development of this video. Children are setting aside coins. Others are planning yard and flea market sales. All hope to be part of a project designed to impact the world for Christ by going where some missionaries cannot go and by placing a powerful tool into the hands of missionaries in the field.

Follow this link to order your free copy of the promotional DVD for the Good & Evil HD Video Project. No Greater Joy Ministries is asking that you place an order of at least $10 with their online store for each DVD requested.
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