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Pikini, Pikinini, yu kam nau long Jisas
Liklikpela, bikpela, Jisas laikim yu
Susa, brata, Papa wantaim Mama
Ol i kam long Jisas, em i laikum yu

My children bounce and clap and sing along as we listen to the pidgen song. They LOVE the fun lyrics and sing their own version that includes words like "big pig" . . .

I tell them the story about how a young girl trusted God to carry her to the farthest reaches of the world, beyond the modern conveniences we take for granted, to a people that didn't know God cared for them.

"Think about waking and seeing a big, black spider just six inches from your face, staring at you out of unblinking green eyes, with vicious fangs, long hairy legs, and a red dot on its back. As you scream “NOOOOOO,” you hope you are just dreaming, but you realize you aren’t, worst of all, the night has just begun. Get the picture?" ~ Bulk Herb Store "Tansy In Bugs Out" by Shoshanna Pearl

They thrill to hear the stories about the strange land and a people so different -- yet so similar. . . They soberly consider how a young woman less than ten years their senior followed the call to tell those who had never heard -- how she served in a place relying fully on God for the resources she needed.

Mostly, though, they enjoy hearing the clear voice singing praises to her God From the End of The Earth. Get a copy of this CD and you're sure to enjoy it over and over again. For more about Rebekah Pearl Anast's adventures in Papua New Guinea get a copy of Rebekah's Diary which chronicles her time spent among the Kumboi people.
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